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About Me

This page will tell some of the gruesome details of my life!

Science Beakers

The main point I'd like to say about myself is that while I do tend to be very opinionated, I'm very open minded as well. When I get a bug in my ear, so to speak, I won't rest until I'm satisfied. I feel the need to occasionally speak out against certain things, or in some cases, people, whom I feel have done an enormous wrong. However, I am not saying I am perfect, and do no wrong, I am far from it. I admit it when I'm wrong and make mistakes, which I do constantly, I am only human. I feel a person should be judged on what they do with their lives and their time, not so much how they live. One can live a not so good life and still have made a contribution that is worthy of praise. Praise and pride are good, as long as it isn't just to boost an ego. There are many things in this world I have yet to learn, and with time, I will learn. Life is a learning process. It's when you stop learning and refuse to check out new ideas that you grow stagnant. The point I am trying to make is this: If there is something you know is wrong, and you feel that maybe you can help make a difference to change it, then do it. Don't worry about what other people have to say. All that ever matters is what you think. no one else can tell you what to think or feel, only you can. It's life and the cycle never stops for anyone.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Lava Lamp


I'm not much into going to the movies, but I do like to watch a few when I have the chance.
Animal House is one of my faves! Any party movie is good to me!

Shutter Speed, a made for TV movie that I adore! I don't watch too much TV, so I'm limited there too!
I honestly prefer horror and horror/scifi movies over anything...

As you can tell, I listen to mostly classic rock, metal, and glam rock. hey! Nothing wrong with liking fun music! However, going into the career I have choosen, I've found it is much more preferable to listen to all types of music, even those I can't stand!! So I will listen to it all, Rap, R&B, Blues is awesome, I adore Eric Clapton-that man has talent!, some country, classical music, there is not much I won't listen to for exposure, but when I have the choice, I always turn to my rock, metal, glam!

Black Seamless Marble