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The Dog you would never have known came from a Puppy Mill


Casey... I remember the first time I saw her. Big baby blue eyes, georeous gray and white furr. I thought she was magnificent. She had a sweet disposition, loved to get hugs, love to give kisses, was very friendly. She was AKC registered, or so I was told. She was a gift from a family member I was told. Seeing her, I would not have guessed where she came from.......

When I first saw her, she was expecting a litter of puppies, and at first I was going to ask for one of them, until my friends who owned her said they were thinking of giving her to another home. The excuse was that there were three children in the house, and she was too big. I was asked if I knew of anyone that would want her. Right away I said me! I'd always wanted a dog like that, and here was my lucky chance to have her!

The only drawback was I had to wait until a month after she had her puppies. If I knew then what I would eventually come to find out, I would have taken her then and there! SO I went out twice a week, just to get familiar with her, and let her get to know me better. We got along great! She'd get so excited to see me! I was always excited to see her, it would have been a perfect match. As the weeks went by, her belly was almost dragging on the ground so much, she couldn't get up. She was close to having those puppies!

Finally, the time came to go see her. it had been 3 weeks since she had the puppies, and I wanted to see my baby. I took a friend out with me who wanted a puppy, so she got her puppy. All arrangements were made. I would go out in a week and get Casey, her food, her toys, and all of her other belongings. It was a long week for me! But it was worth it I thought going out to get the dog of my dreams.

I got to the house, no Casey. I was heart broken when my "friends" told me that she was stolen by the lady across the street. Then I got angry. No one had called the police, yeet they were so sure that lady took the dog. When I got home that night, I called the police myself, because as far as I as concerned, she was MY dog. It took 2 weeks to find her, beaten, starved, left for dead in the desert. Someone had killed this sweet angel of a dog! I had no choice but to turn in my friends. I'm still angry. They have other dogs, and all they got was 6 months probation, and they admitted to killing Casey!

I don't know why they did it, I suppose I'll nenver understand, but there is still a part of me that wishes for her. I think it's one thing to lose a dog from natural causes, it's another when you lose one to someone killing them. But there was so much more, there was the TRUTH behind Casey. That's what still makes me angry now.



What I did not know about casey shocked me. I was lied to the whole time about her beginnings. These people I called my friends and trusted were nothing but dog dealers to me. I didn't find out the whole truth until after these people were put on probation.

Casey was never AKC registered. These people had managed to find someone that was pretty good at forging documents. I would imagine it cost them a lot of money, but that lays on their heads now. The reality is, I would have taken her even if I had been told up front she wasn't registered. I wanted her that much. I would have given up everything to have that wonderful baby here with me. There was much worse news to come......

Casey was born on a puppy farm. For nearly a year, she was kept in a cage no bigger than her own body, not even moved to a bigger one when she grew, never mind the fact that there were 4 other dogs in that cage with her. She had never been given shots, was fed maybe once a week at most I was told. That's if the people could remember. She went without water a lot, she never had baths. She never had any loving interaction.

These people knew about her past, and didn't care enough about Casey to let anyone know. She was a very sick dog. While at that farm, she was beaten constantly, often until the wounds bled. She was never seen by a vet. These so called friends knew this too. So did the family member that picked her up at the farm.

I think the reason she took to me so fast was because I was really the first person to show her love, so that comforts me somewhat. Not enough to ease the pain I still feel at times, and it's enough to make me cry. Not only for the dog who's life was cruelly taken from her, but also for the dog who had never known what a loving hand felt life until it was too late. If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken her as soon as i knew they wanted to get rid of her. These people have children, and I can't help but wonder how they treat their kids, knowing how the ruthlessly beat this poor dog, how they starved her. At their home, the only treatment she got was what she had grown to know. And I never had the chance to show her that not every home is that way.

Puppy Mills are cruel environments for any animal. there is always a risk for safety and health. There is always a certainty that the dogs born on these farms will have some serious health defect that will go untreated, but never unnoticed. As long as these Mills exist, there will always be dogs afraid to feel the wonders and joys of pure and unconditional love. It's a shame and a disgrace to all humans that the people that run these Mills operate under the names of breeders when they're not and never will be.

So here I make the biggest plea for all animal kind, if you know of someone, ANYONE, that is breeding dogs in inhumane conditions, report them to the HSUS AND ASPCA. It's highly important that we all work together to stop these Puppy Mills from operating once and for all. If you know of a puppy mill where you live, or one nearby, call your state agent, the govenor, whom so ever you need to, and remind them that there are federal regulations against puppy mills, and they need to uphold them and enforce them.

These pictures came from a Husky Rescue Site. I only wish that I had a picture of Casey instead so all could see just how beautiful she really was.