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This room is moderated, and if you wish to hold a moderated event, then contact me and I will decide whether or not it's a good idea. I select all moderators, so please do not come in asking if you can be a moderator. As traffic increases, I will eventually add a page where you can submit your request to be a moderator, but until then, please do not ask.

Moderator: This is the person who is responsible for the room while they are in, they will be the only ones whose names are in BLUE. They keep the roudy and offensive out, if they don't, please contact me and I will handle it appropriately. This is to be fun for everyone, so please follow the rules that are listed below the chat room log in screen.
The topics change daily, so if you have an idea for a topic, let me know! Anything distastful or offensive will not be used. There are two options for chatting, the link provides a chat area that offers more freedom in the chatting experience as well as offering a more widely available selection of topics. However, the chatroom through the link is not available 24/7 whereas the room on this page is.



1) Show respect to ALL chatters or the moderators will boot you out, no questions asked!

2) If you need assistance, please ask one of the moderators as they work in the room.

3) Do not harrass any chatters because of age, ALL AGES ARE WELCOME IN THIS CHAT ROOM UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.

4) The language rule is simple: Relaxed so long as there are no people under 16 in the room, Moderators will do frequent age checks as traffic in the room increases. However, it will not be acceptable to swear at everyone just because you think you can or should be allowed to.

5) If you get warned more than 2 times, you get kicked. Get kicked more than 2 times, you will be banned for a period of 24-48 hours, at the owners discretion.

6) If someone is harrassing you, please put them on ignore, but if they continue, please tell a moderator so that they can take care of it from there.

The rules aren't so bad, I've seen worse. But please make it enjoyable for all! I do not want arguments breaking out in this room, so please, if there is a problem, let a moderator know and LET THEM HANDLE IT. This is their job, and why they are there.