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Please also check out the Basset 2 page, starting now, there will be 3-5 dogs pictured that are available for adoption now.

Not only are there the links for Basset Rescue, there is especially an article I think needs to be read, please look down to the bottom of the page for the link on the story about PuppyMills, this will also explain in more detail about what I've been talking about. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE PUPPY MILL PRISON PAGE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS. I have also decided to include the link for the published Report and charges from the United States Department of Agriculture against Nielsen Farms in Kansas, although it has been rumored that they may have moved operations to Arizona. I am not sure if these are truth or not, but in the event they have moved, BE ON THE LOOK OUT, as they are one of the countries largest puppy mills. I ask that if you feel that you need to buy from a pet store, ask where they get their dogs from, if they say Nielsen Farms, PLEASE DO NOT BUY!!!!! These dogs are very sick and unhealthy, as well as the fact that the owners of this "FARM" seem to have the belief that a dog does not need to have adequate shelter. The story on the Puppy Mill Prison is heartbreaking, and for me to just watch the movie they had on the site just nearly destroyed me, and I like to think I am strong. Please check this site out following the link at the bottom. Nothing can be scarier than the truth, and what you'll see will not only make you sick, but it will make you angry. But the truth is ugly, and it's about time that people saw the whole truth of these horrible places.

Please read Casey's Story. it's just another reason why I'm so against Puppy Mills.



Meet Jackson

Ok, you ask why I have a whole page for Basset Rescue? Because! These people have dedicated their lives to finding good stable homes for animals that have been abused and mistreated worse than most humans that's why! Is it worth the time and effort put in? You be the judge.

When we first got Turbo, he was so afraid of people. This poor dog had been beaten repeatedly, abused, starved. His tail was crooked, and as we found out, it was because his previous owner had children who also abused this dog. These kids broke his tail, and he was never taken to a vet. We were warned of this because you see, what this poor soul had beenthrough, made him mean. He bit my brother on the hand first night we had him. He was startled awake when my brother walked behind the couch he was sleeping on. Many times we grew frusterated, it was difficult living in a house where anytime you walked into a room he occupied, you were growled at, and sometimes snapped at. But with patience I doubt any of us knew we had, we worked with him, never hit him, and he eventually got to the point where we could hug him, and he'd just growl in our ears! All in all, it took over a year of constant love and patience to help him become the dog he was meant to be, full of love, with a trusting, gentle nature. To me, that is a miracle featuring all the abuse and mistreatment he had been through! He grew accustomed to his nightly bowl of ice cream, his long, and I mean LONG, belly rubs, his walks...he took you for the walk, you didn't take him. He'd curl up on my lap sometimes, and at 65 pounds, he was hardly a lap dog! But we loved him anyways. My mother and I used to love hearing his nails clicking away as he walked down the hall, his behind shifting out of time with the rest of him, or the way he'd run around the back yard chasing his balls, or just eating my mother's stuffed bear collection. He even had his own bear! Just when he had calmed and gentled down, and we had set into a familiar pattern, he began to lose weight, and his leg swelled up very bad. You see,we had no idea that he was bitten by a poisonous spider until we took him to see the vet. No matter where we took him, we were told to give him antibiotics, Finally after the third vet, we began to realize that there was not much we could do. But by then he had grown much worse, despite all we did, so we made the decision to leave him at the vets over the weekend to see if they could stop the infection and save him. But it was not to be. The next day, the vet called to tell us our beloved hound had passed away in the night. We had lost our howling child. Yet through the horendous pain we felt, we also realized as time went on, that even though we had only had him for a few years, it made it a little easier knowing that we had made his life that much better, he got a few more years into his life than he would have had we not taken him. if we had not done that, he would have been put to sleep, having already been in 5 homes, and returned. I don't regret having him, even though I still miss him.

It's not easy to get through that, especially since a few months after, we had to put my life long pal Baby, whom we had since I was a year old, to sleep. Now we had not one, but both of our beloved pets. We decided to never get another one, but of course, 4 years after we lost Turbo, I saw the website for Basset Rescue, and began looking, out of curiosity. And we saw a pic of Sebastian, so we decided to go look at him, but he was HUGE!! There was no way my mother and I could have handled this big dude! Then we saw Fred..... and we fell in love with his quiet ways and his gentleness.

SO we adopted him and brought him home. And within a few weeks, he was chasing the cats around the house, barking and jumping at/on us, slobbering all over us, eating the cats food, eating his stuffed toys as well as anything he could get his chompers on! Needless to say, we began calling him our wild child! But he too had been through his share of abuse and mistreatment, and after a year and a half, his turn about, his love, his protectivness of the family has made it all worthwhile. My mother and I have begun to notice that Fred has begun showing some of the traits Turbo had, like the fact that Turbo blew air out of his cheeks, and so does Fred. Fred loves his long walks, his ice cream, his belly rubs, and he is beginning to love baths. When we first got him, he was afraid whenever I'd give him a warm bath in my shower. But now he just licks my face when I do it. When it's cold out, he sleeps either in my room, with his own blanket, his own pillow, his own stuffed animals, or he'll sleep at the foot of mom's bed. He even has his own blanket for his dog house, which every morning at 6:00 A.M., he drags it around his part of the yard, and barks at it for about 15 minutes. We actually joked that it was Turbo reincarnated, they're so much alike. But either way, I think it was destiny for Fred to be with us. Again, I don't regret it, he's a wonderful new addition to the family.

So again I ask, is it worth it? Yea, it is. To be able to play such a role in a dog's life that might make it easier and more comfortable for him/her, it's always worth it. If a person can do it for a child overseas, why not do it for an animal who needs a home just as much, who needs the love just as much. Who needs to feel safe, comfortable, and happy just as much? That's why it's worth it. The people who work with this organiation spend their time, and their money to help these animals, and to me, that makes it even more worth it. They do this day in and day out, sometimes just barely rescuing a basset from being put down. It takes a lot to do this, ad it's heart breaking when you lose one. Basset's have a way of wiggling into your heart, and once they're there, they'll always be there, no matter what happens.


This is Babalu


This is Jason, I think. Either way, he's adorable!


Baby, cute name for a cute baby!


This is Blue.


This is GeorgieGirl, she's a cutie!


LittleDaisy...she looks sweet as a flower!


And this is Mickey!

In this column, the names of these sweet babies are located underneath their pictures. Just one look into their sweet faces can make you fall in love with these dogs! ( The occasional face full of slobber never hurts either, nor does that love nip, it never hurts, it's just enough to let you know that they're there and they love you!)


Above you see Earl.
Below is Floppy.


I ask anyone who views this page to consider taking a few hours a week to volunteer and help these organizations out. They need the volunteers, they need the foster families, they need the adoptive families. They need the assistance of anyone who is willing to open their hearts to these gentle animals. The news talks about how it is wrong to be mean, abusive and cruel to another human being, but we very rarely see the stories of all the animals that are abandoned to die, abused and cruely treated so severely they themselves are close to death. If a person does this to a another human being, it is punishable, just as it is punishable to kill another human being. But to abandon a dog or puppy, and put their lives in the hands of people at the pounds and animal shelters where most will be put down is horrible! That is a worse fate than any man, woman, or child will ever face. These animals are kept in small cages, some are starved, some are killed by heartless owners who never loved the animal. Please, contact Basset rescue and ask about a location near you, and please, please, volunteer your time. Every person who does makes a world of difference to a dog who might not have had a chance to live, something we as humans take for granted. We as people with the ability to speak words take for granted the ability to run freely and communicate with others. We can go out when we like and exercise, but a pet relies on us for food, shelter, and exercise among many other important life needs. Think about the dogs you'll be saving, giving them a chance to live a happy life. Basset Rescue has given many dogs, some older in their years, some younger, a chance to live again.
It is heart breaking to see how many of these wonderful animals, or small humans if you will, end up in puppy mills, and breeding locations. Most of these animals are bred until they are just worn out, too tired to continue. This is dangerous to their health!!! People tend to forget, female dogs tend to have more than 1 puppy, and when they are forced to do this several times a year, it wears their bodies out, not giving them time to heal. A peson cannot imagine the concept of giving birth to multiple children in 1 year, yet these dogs are forced to, all the time being kept in small cages, not big enough for them to turn around, barely being fed, neglected, and as soon as a litter is delivered, these "breeders" breed them again! Unfortunately, most of these puppies are then sold to many pet stores through out the U.S., I know of one store in my town I would like to see shut down because they get their puppies from a puppy mill. Please, if you feel you want to buy a puppy, ask where the puppy came from, get ana ddress and a phone number, do research on the place before you buy, many of the puppies and dogs coming from these mills are very sick animals, whom have never had shots, were kept in disgusting conditions, cages filled with wastes, and many times,the bodies of other puppies who have died. These breeders do not care about the animals, all they want is the money, and if a child deserves better, then so does a puppy. In many ways, a puppy is like a child, they need lots of love and attention, they need warmth, kindness, compassion, safety, nourishment. And as long as there are these sick "breeders", you can be assured these dogs will not have any of those things. So please volunteer your time to help out your local Basset Rescue. You would be amaed at the difference a little time would make in the lives of these wonderful pets. I would not exchange my experiences with Turbo and Fred for anything. Having had the chance to help make their lives that much better is more rewarding than anything I can think of. With a little help and time, and if we all work together, we can put an end to puppy mills and puppy breeders. These dogs deserve a good home, and believe me, once they realize they have one, they will love you for it. I won't lie, it will take time for many of them, but in the end, it's always worth it to have a warm hearty bark, or howl, greeting you when you get home, a playful slurp on the cheek as a thank you, a warm body to curl up with when it's cold out........

Yes, I think it's well worth the time and love.
Best of all, kids love them! The big soulful eyes
with the typical doggie grin, flapping ears when
they run, and maybe, the dog you see will have a
hop when they run...Most of all, their love and
devotion to the parent who has shown them more love
and kindness.......Basset's love hugs and ear
scratches!!! So please, once again, contact your
local Basset Rescue, and help out, you won't regret

The links below has the information you'll need,
and if you have questions, they are always willing
to answer them and help you make the right decision
for you and your family.

Please note: All USDA Information and links have been moved to their own page, please use the links at bottom to locate them.

All of the basset's pictures seen on this page come courtesy of Basset Rescue and Southern California Basset Rescue. The links to their web sites are below. Please visit them. Thank you!

This guy is George.



And this is LongFellow

Basset Hound Rescue -Main Site

Basset Rescue Of Southern California

Basset 2: Available For Adoption Immediately