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KISS MY A$$!!!!!!!!!





4)  THE PARENT'S RESOURCE MUSIC CENTER :  *cracks knuckles*

Ok, my first statement is this:  Since when did a bunch of 12 year old, NOT WORKING, children suddenly get into the position to decide who or what in the hell is considered music?!  Yea they buy cd's,  but it's their parents money, and these parents are buying into a fad!  It suddenly seems as if the fact that those of us who work our asses off, go out and buy the cd's WE decide on have no say!!  BULLSHIT!!!  Now I'm not sayng a 12 year old has no concept of music, I'm saying that it's rediculous for the record industry to sit there and say that the opinion of a 12 year old means more that the opinion of someone who is twice that age, who has been buying music longer, and who have basically been around since the conception of now shit stations such as MTV.  Apparently MTV has forgotten who made them so noticed, bands such as Poison, RATT, Queensryche, and the such.  MTV is, in my opinion the leaders of the fads which bore those of us who have a sense of taste, who also have a sense of reality as to what will be around and what will not.  The truth is in what concerts and bands are STILL around after 15-20 + years, despite little orno airplay from the MTV's.  The reality is that MTV ignores most record sales, most requests, most noticable concerts if they don't fall within the "Boyband" genre, and let's face it, MTV ain't what it used to be!  It's no where near as good as it was! So those of us who don't buy into the rap crap and teenie bopper push over, lollipop sucking phases are told to shut up because we know nothing.  Yea, right, they wish we knew nothing.  The reality is this:  if you yourself are not the one makin the money to buy the cd, YOUR OPINIONS SHOULD STAY OPINIONS, after all,  you don't make the money you spend, so maybe you should be the one's to shut up and put up.  These parents are trying too hard to make their kids happy.  There's nothing wrong with a child not always getting what they want, and maybe there would not so much emphasis placed on the temporary fads.   Just my opinions of course.
THE ROLES THAT THE MEDIA PLAYS AND THE MISCONCEPTION IT CAN CAUSE can have terrible effects.  Media sources these days are far to quick to place links to terrible things, yet because it's on the news, it therefore must be true.....right??  WRONG!!!!!!  Let's look at the facts shall we??  A teenager commits suicide, and right away, the parents and those close to the family are very quick, too quick, to blame the music, when it actuality, the music has very little, if anything to dowith the situation.  Music has become the scapegoat, the source for blame when a parent would rather NOT LOOK TOO CLOSELY AT THEMSELVES.  Example:  When a teenager in the mid west deicided to commit suicide, it was blamed on the fact he listened to Ozzy Osbourne.  The song *Suicide Solution* was then picked apart, and assumptions of lyrics and sound effects were made, and if you get the right facist nut ball to pick the song apart, the effect that does not in actuality say anything, will be made out to be saying get the gun, shoot shoot shoot shoot.
Reality is this, I have the CD, I've listened to the song forwards AND backwards, and yes, I have a program on my computer that allows me to do this, and I've never heard such words come off that or any of Ozzy's songs. People choose what they want to hear, but if they're not careful, that can and will come back on them!  Another instance of media misconduct, an AC/DC concert in which several teens were killed due to poor seating arrangments.  EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF ME, BUT SINCE WHEN DOES THE BAND SUDDENLY BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WHEN IT'S THE VENUE'S JOB TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE SEATING AND TO TAKE PRECAUTIONS AGAINST SUCH TRAGEDIES?!  Also, when here in my home state the entire thing with the night stalker, the band AC/DC becomes linked and the media itself chose to say the eltters stood for something OTHER than thesimple meaning........HELLO?!  AC/DC, two entirely different kinds of power supplies!  That's ALL there is to it!  The media has yet to take the responsibility for their actions when this sort of issue comes up, and I'll be damned if the media is going to sit there and act as if they are not above reproach!  That's another crock of crap.  If ya don't know all the facts and you're not willing to have the balls to go out and find out the story behind a song or a band's name, then all I have to say to you is shut the hell up and crawl back in your hole.  Stop using your personal tragedy as a way to bring noteriety to yourself, that's a sickness right there, and that is disgusting.  It's sad when anyone feels the need to take their life, especially when it's someone so young, but it isn't right to sit there and place the blame on music when there are just so many other factors that can be, and usually are invloved.  The truth is, music very rarely has anything to do with the situation, but when the media builds up a pack of lies, anything can become what sounds like the truth, but only if you choose to not listen closely to what is being said.
THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND IT'S ATTITUDE TOWARDS FANS is just another thing that burns my hide, so to speak. The fans/consumers are what keep the industry going, but somewhere along the line, that was forgotten in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  No longer is it taken into consideration that while some areas a CD may cost a mere $13.99, in other areas, that exact same CD will cost close to $30.00.  This is a extremely disgusting reality, to say the least.  The price of a CD should be the same, no matter where you live.  There's also a new persepctive brought about by the onslaught of such issues like Napster and the such.  This is an entirely new technology that the record industry actually fears greatly.  WHY????  Because,  this technology, if used right, eliminates the need for a record company, whose main job is actually only to worry about distribution.  Think about this for a minute of you will.  If a band, say like Bon Jovi decided to not go with a record label but instead chose to distribute their albums on their website, they cut out the middle man, AKA the Record Company, therefore bringing them a higher portion of profit while enabling them to charge much less for a product.  This method not only benefits the musicians, but also the consumers who are currently faced with outrageous costs that are not realistic.  Right now a musician makes less that $1.00 for every CD sold, the record compay pockets the rest, but because of the small amount the musician makes, the fans/consumers are faced with making up the difference.  This means higher CD costs, higher ticket prices, higher costs for items such as T-shirts. I personally thinks it's assanine to charge $75.00 for a lousy T-shirt that only costs maybe 5 dollars total to make becase of mass production.  The bands and musician's still don't get a large portion of that money, the record company once again pockets most of it.  Now imagine if the bands were able to get all of that money for themselves, costs would actually go down and sales would go up!  One thing that irritates me to no end is a statement once made on a Fox News Channel by Lars of Metallica where he said people were too lazy to go out and pay $13.95 for a cd, well where I live, that cd he sees for $13.95 is twice the price, so I think he's a bit out of touch there to say that.  people are not lazy, they aresick and tired of paying high prices for new music that is garbage.  Most music coming out now sucks, at the most there might be 1 or 2 decent songs on the cd and to me, 1 or 2 songs ins't worth spending $30.00.  Where there are still some bands, Queensryche being one, who thank god have the balls to constantly put out kick ass music time and time again, most bands now are not doing that!  Fans are not lazy, they are more likely tired of sending too much money on garbage, and the costs of living keeps increasing while wages do not.  There is a total disrespect for fans from many of the musician's as well as the record companies,  yet this is, at times, called disloyalty on the part of the fans, when it's the bands that are disloyal.  Many of those bands that were there in the 80's are amongst the RARE few that show total respect to their fans, then AND now, so I guess those of us from that genre who are "stuck" as it's called a lot, have something there, a loyalty to the bands and a loyalty from the bands, who defy the so called rules stating that in order to be a fan, you have to spend the large sums of money  while getting treating like shit.  As a result, many bands choose to play smaller venues, which cost much less, are more personal, and the bands doing this are still the ones that never stopped kicking ass.
THE PARENTS RESOURCE MUSIC CENTER:  Ok, here's the biggie, saving the best for last.  Since when do a bunch of Senator's wives have the right to form an organization that is basically saying that we as parents, if ya got kids, do not know what is best or what is appropriate for ourselves and our kids????  Since when do they have the right to push their own personal views and beliefs on the rest of us?  They don't, but because it's the government, they think they have the right, nevermind the fact that this borders on invasion of privacy, invasion of our personal rights, invasion of our freedom of choice!  The government does not have the right to tell us how we are supposed to raise kids, hey don't have the right to dictate to us, how, what, when, where, and why, especially when it's in reference to how we spend our lives, what we do with our lives, how we spend our money, and what we choose to buy. When this organization brought forth the parental advisory sticker, that was a slap in the face, telling us that we don't know what's good for us, and if ya got kids, you don't know what is good and/or appropriate for our kids.  That's an aweful thing to state about the people who have the power to vote your husbands into or out of office.  This is extremely offensive considering that we as consumers have the power to vote, to work, we are able to choose what to wear, what to drive, but the government says we're not capable of deciding what kind of music to buy for ourselves and/or our kids.There has to be a limit as to what the government can and should decide, and that limit does not, nor should it include to right to tell us how to live our lives and how to spend our money.  They don't make our money, they don't pay our taxes, they benefit from our taxes, but they don't pay them, so where do they take it upon themselves to say what is best for us as an individual?  That's a right this so called best interests group doesn't have, and if you look beneath the false covers, all it is is this:  A bunch of people who use the organization as a way to force their own personal beliefs and thoughts onto everyone else. When anyone with government influence does this, it's the first step on a short staircase to a dictatorship.  That scares me more than a CD that has a few bad words and some sex oriented lyrics.  I think most people are quite able to determine what is bes for them without the help from a few nut cases who have nothing better to do that to judge everyone else by their own standards.  And as the old saying goes:  WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU WILL NOT BE RIGHT FOR OTHERS.  Therefore, if you feel the need to tell me how I should live my life, how I should spend my money, on WHAT I should spend my money, go crawl back under your rock and hide, I know what is good for me, and you do not have the right to tell me otherwise, and if you think that just because you have some sort of influence in government, that gives you the right to tell me all that, I as a voter have certain rights too, and it's not just as a voter, it's as a human being, and no one, government or otherwise, has the right to say different.
Note:  These are my own personal views, and I do not at ANY time ask anyone else to agree with me.  I'm a fan of music and a consumer of music who is fed up with the treatment of fans all over.  I'm tired of being expected to pay the higher prices just to show my loyalty to a band, when my loyalty should be based on my love of the music, not about the fact that since the costs of living everywhere has gone up while wages have not, I do not have the ability to go out and spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on concert tickets, anywhere from $50.00 to several hundred for memorabilia, and up to $30.00+ dollars for a cd.  These are very unreasonable expectations that are placed upon the fans, and the bands as well as the record companies need to remember this one factor that is, in all probability, the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all:


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