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My    world;    my    eyes

Walk into my world, See what I see. Look into my eyes, Do you really see me? Is it heaven? Or a rainbow, full of vibrancy. One look will show you, The true and honest me. For I am as I was, And I am what I will be. So come and behold the real me. Take me into your heart, if you feel you need me, And let me light up your life. I will always be here. If not in body then in spirit. I will always be in your heart. P.S. Please remember that this is a view through MY EYES. I shouldn't have to add this is, but a person named Marc felt I was telling people what to think and see, but Marc, you forgot that as I said, THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES. So speak only for yourself since you do not speak for all of society as you claim. There is enough of that from "leaders" of society. Please don't use my personal e-mail address to abuse the way I let people contact me, respect me and I will respect you. Thank you! Please visit my new chatroom, but remember to respect one and all! BrattChat I also have this room if you want a mild experience for chatting. But the link above offers more freedom.

Thank you for visiting this page times. Have fun!!!