Enter at your own Risk!!! Reality is not always a good thing, but it's there. You have your choices as to what you can or cannot do, and much of your life is based on those choices. However you choose to live your life, whether or not you think about it, does affect the people around you. Just remember that you and only you are capable of making those choices for yourself. And if anyone stands up and tells you what to do, then you have to decide whether or not to listen to them. No one but you knows what is best for you and your life. Life is what is here, and life is now. Too many people in this world take for granted the little things they have. There is no appreciation for these things, some so small, some so great. The ability to walk without trouble for example is something most of us do without thinking about it. The same can be said for the ability to talk or to live. Life intrudes whether you want it to or not, it's there and it is not going to go away. Be thankful for the things that you can do, and be more tolerant of those who cannot do them as well or cannot do them at all. Don't wait for something to happen where those abilities are taken from you. Because then it is too late to appreciate what you have and what you can do. Enjoy your life more, and help others do the same. When you come across new people, you have to look at them as if they were a blank sheet of paper, new with no marks. If you don't, you risk losing a good friend before that friendship has had a chance to develop, and you risk losing what little identity you have. It is unfair to judge another person by what others already in your life have done to you, it creates tension and it causes hurts that will not go away with a simple apology. I update this and my other pages according to what I am learing from life, and the learning never stops, never goes away, unless you make it stop. We learn from the minute we're into this world, and we'll learn until the minute we leave. It is what you do with this information that makes you who you are. As I stated on one of my other pages, there are too many people who choose to make what they will out of someone's words, even if the person states the words are their opinions. We as human beings tend to want to speak for all of society if we see something we don't like, but unfortunately there will always be those out there who will claim to be the voice of all society, and the truth is this, we as individuals need to stop accept the idea of letting others provide a voice for us, these people who continue to do so. They need to only speak for themselves, and not as society as a whole, because there is no way for any one person to know how all of society thinks and feels. Please feelfree to visit my new chatroom, BrattChat, but please have courtesy and respect for others while in there or I will remove it for good. *Note, the room does have moderators in there occasionally, so do not make these people mad!! BrattChat The room above will not be avaiable all the time, but the room below that will be on this page is open 24/7. BecBoo69@Yahoo.com
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