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FREEDOM OF SPEECH....... This in itself can make for an interesting debate... but used in the wrong context can be very insulting and degrading. Someone recently sent me an e-mail on one of my other sites, and this person, who does not know me at all decided she was going to analyze my words and the feelings behind them. Normally this would not get me worked up, but the attitude displayed by this woman was that it was my job to contact this person, which I could do, knowing him and his family, and tell him that because there was a 5 year old waiting for him to come back to wrestling, he needs to get back in. She also said that my wording made it seem as if I was all hot and bothered for this person.... very amusing considering that she is the only one that has ever said that..... ANYWAY! Is this freedom of speech? Depends on how you see it... Freedom of speech is defined as the ability to say what you want and what you feel... this is where most people stop reading the definition... but Freedom of speech is ACTUALLY defined as follows: THE ABILITY TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU THINK SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT CAUSE EMOTIONAL HARM, STRESS, OR STRAIN, TO ANOTHER. Freedom of speech does not give one the right to push their own moral views, thoughts, feelings, and opinions on another person.. nor does it give one the right to act like a shrink and try to analyze what someone they don't know is thinking or feeling. The bottom line is this, when you visit a website, you have to take into consideration that you do not know the person who has made the site, nor do you know how they are feeling, nor do you know what they are thinking. When you use harsh words to make your point or to state how you feel, just remember, you have given the person you e-mailed the right to respond back in kind... so do not get offended if that happenes, especially if you started out that way! This young woman that e-mailed me actually caused me much amusment due to her narrow minded way of thinking. She e-mailed me making attacks, but when I responded in kind, she got offended... interesting how soon she forgot that she was the one who was crude and offensive to begin with! Why you might ask am I posting about this here? Because... I am making a point that if you want someone to be kid to you... you must be the same way towards them. be rude and offensive and insulting.... be prepared to get it in return. Respect is not a right or something you deserve, it is something you must earn and the only way to do that is to give it to those you wish to have it from. Also, SOME people need to remember... it is not easy to build a website from scratch, nor is it easy to maintain it, and while suggestions are helpful, rudeness is not. As for me, I admit it, I have no time to deal with it, I run and maintain 6 web pages and 2 websites of decent size, many webmasters/webmistresses are like me, run more than one... so take that into consideration before you e-mail those nasty comments! Also, my point of view... I do have an issue with any parent that allows a child of 4 or 5 years of age to watch wrestling only because at that age they are still attempting to make sense and it is not always possible to process that what they are seeing is not real... and if you cannot explain to your child that a person has decided to stop doing something so that they could spend more time with their own kids... then you have issues and your child will not understand. Wrestling is not something children should watch anyway... in fact, if you ask most wrestlers, they do not even allow their own kids to watch wrestling unless they are on the TV, and sometimes if the child is young, ,not even then.......... just something to think about. Want to comment? Visit the message board, but beware, I have no tolerance for slandering and personal attacks against me or anyone. This particular board is viewed by visitors to 3 of my other sites, so keep that in mind before you think to post hatred. Also take note, this is set up to get your ISP address and I will not hesitate to report if I feel it is needed. Ignorance is not to be tolerated by anyone! Please ONLY post in specified areas of board, titled Letter responses.
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