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    Well, you want to know about me, the person behind some of the pages on here? Well, let's do it this way. At 25, I currently reside somewhere in California with my family and our 2 cats and dog. I go to school as a music major, with a long time interest in Audio Engineering. (Hey, don't laugh-it's possible!!) My love for music goes back to when I was a child listening to everything from Fleetwood Mac to Sabbath, with a lot of R&B and Blues sprinkled in for variety. About 12 years ago, my curiosity about how the music was made led me to develop and interest in Audio Engineering. (see?? there is a purpose to this!!) Ever since then, I've had my head in the clouds, and my heart on the mixing board....or should we say bored?? he he he And I also have begun Bass lessons, so that will be one other thing under my belt, amongst my other interests... Just you wait!!! I'll be the big named Engineer all you as yet named Musicians come to!!!!!!!!! And if not for that, then drinks at my bar!

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My family? I live with my mother while I'm going to school, and I am very close to my mother and brother. And then we have my brother, if you're a little sister, you'll understand this one! hehe Nothing bad really, we fight as lovingly as any sibling pair can..... and we throw his fiance in for some variety. (ya still like that Orange Roughie???) (or was that the crayfish?) ( I hear Red Snapper gets into the mix too.) Either way! :)


What can I say about my friends? A lot. I have a few close friends that mean everything to me, so much they are like sisters to me. Carlye, Regina, Wendy and Michelle are my 4 closest friends. They are the ones I know will be there if I need someone to talk to, and I cherish every minute that they are in my life. They have become somewhat of an extended family, and that leads me into Wendy, like an older sister if you will. And let us not forget Wendy's children, Mattheau, Blaine, and Kiara. It makes a person feel wonderful inside when you're able to consider these people close to you at heart. And there are times when it seems like these people are all that I have in the world. A close friend understands you, they're those choosen few that have the ability to make you smile when nothing else works. And these are the people that let you voice your own thoughts and opinions, and they do not criticize you for thinking or feeling the way that you do. And when you're that close to some people, it's easy for you to be there for them in the same ways that they're there for you, and that's what makes a good friendship work out so well! A new note for me... Dakota!! This is Michelle's son and the newest of my slowly growing family of god children. I love em all!


My main hobby is music, and that is also my main interest. But I do like to play bartender every now and then. I listen to most kinds of music, but I do prefer rock and roll, heavy metal, and I admit it, I love those hair bands!! (ever notice how good some of those guys look in spandex??) I seem to have developed this odd habit of watching wrestling, WCW respectively. Much more tasteful, entertaining, cute guys......etc. (again with the men in spandex!!) Although Sting is something else! Has anyone else out there noticed I love talking about men? hehe Just joking all!!! (or am I???)I do enjoy making web pages though, and I've begun to notice I have a fixation with dragons!!!! But seriously, I enjoy being around positive people, and I love to do things that are nature related. (ever notice Southern Cali has a lot of fires and earthquakes???) MOTHER NATURE AT HER FINEST!! I'm always out to make new friends, and that's just the beginning!! If there is a way I can do it, I probably will. I always try to do things that I've never done before, it doesn't make sense to say you don't like something if you've never tried it, and if you let your fears rule how you live, then you're not living, you're hiding. Everyone has fears, but in order to overcome them, you have to confront them, and I do admit to spending a lot of time confronting my fears. Please feel free to check out the links to my 3 personal web pages. I take a lot of pride in these (not bad for a beginner), and I hope you find them positive and fun! Those are the BRATT pages. I also have my pet, my hairmetal site, complete with your own hairmetal e-mail addresses. hehehe