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On this page you'll find links from the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, as well as information from the USDA sites cocnerning charges filed against certain known Puppy Mills. There will be contact information for you to use in case you find out of a Puppy Mill working in your area.

In November of 1996, there were over 20 locations that the USDA charged with Animal Welfare violations. Mind you, the problem is not going down in number, but rather it is increasing. It increases at an alarming rate, while the numbers might go down in one month, the next month they could double or even triple. It's a very scare thought indeed.

November 1996 Public Records from USDA

In February of 2000, there were over one dozen, that's over 12, charges and settlements of animal welfare violation cases in the United States alone, according to The US Department of Agriculture public files. One of which was Nielsen Farms. Janice Ritsko of Best Friends Exotic Pet Stores in Pennsylvania, Honey Creek Inc. in Oklahoma, Beth Lutz of Houston, MO, just to name a few that were charged. Unfortunately, one such case that settled only paid a civil penalty of $2000.00!!! This is highly unacceptable! This is just a small part was what was listed for the month of February, and it is appaling. Over 12 in the month of February.

This is just a small number, so it seems, but that is too many in one small portion of the year. Following are links to the US Dept. Of Agriculture Index that will cover between 1995 and the current year, 2000. Please take all of the links into consideration. Puppy Mills are not healthy environments for the puppies or their mothers. Many will die unless people work together to close them down for good.

One must remember, it is not only Puppy Mills that face Animal Welfare Charges, it can also be a local zoo, a local pet show, an animal exibit. If you notice any acts of animal cruelty, you need to turn it in. Why? If you don't, these animals may die due to the cruelty they face. In a Puppy Mill, these animals do not stand a chance against infections, disease, famine...much like an under developed country. Now think people, these are the puppies many will want for their children so that they learn responsibility, but you cannot learn this when you have a sick puppy. It is never a good idea to get a puppy as a "gift", especially for a young child, as the noise a child will make out of delight will scare the puppy. Plus, when dealing with a very sick puppy, it's easy for a child and an adult alike to get frusterated when they don't know the cause of the ilness. If the puppy is sick when you get him/her, there is too good of a chance they came from a puppy mill. This is not fair to any animal. It would not be tolerable or suitable for any human, why should it be acceptable for a dog, a potential pet?

These links include valuable information in the fight against Mills. Also included is the Public Notice of the charges brought against Nielsen Farms in Kansas, but it is desperately needed once again if they have indeed moved to Arizona.

Animal Welfare Act



USDA Press Releases for 2000, with Index for earlier years

Click here for Feb. 2000 USDA reports

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee

I included the link below because while I do feel agree that animal welfare standards should be much higher than they are, I do not want to be confused as an animal rights activist. There are huge differences between the two. For one thing, I do eat meat, and I will not apologize for it. Animal rights tend to say it is wrong to eat meat, wrong to raise live stock for food, wrong to hunt even for food, as well as the fact I have pets, 3 in fact. I'm not sorry I do not agree with this, but this is me, and these are MY opinions. I am not out to hurt anyone, but I will not allow other groups to come onto this site and shoot down what I do when I have in no way shape or form made the claim to be an Animal Rights Activist. I am an Animal Welfare Activist, and that is more of a concern over the treatment of the animals as a whole-not as a portion, and to me, this is much more important. But again I state, the preceeding are MY opinions, to which I am entitled to, as you're entitled to yours. This web site and this page is my voice and my outlet to let my opinion be known. If you havea comment, please leave it in the guestbook, but be nice, no foul language or I will edit to suit all ages.

Animal Welfare VS Animal Rights